production, installation, testing and engineering of drums and equipment for the leather industry

Stability in the structure of the wood and therefore a long life of the drum.

The production

Pajusco Drums

Seasoning is one of the key steps in the wood processing process. Pajusco Tecnologie adopts a mixed drying system. The wood is dried for a period of 16-18 months in the open air, protected from direct sunlight, until reaching the saturation point (20% in moisture content). During this time the wood is regularly treated to prevent the development of fungi and bacterial activity caused by pockets of intramolecular moisture.
This process guarantees stability in the structure of the wood, high resistance to torsion and leakage and therefore a long life of the drum.


Pajusco drums

In Italy and abroad Pajusco Tecnologie has an efficient and modernly organized service that can respond in a very short time to any requests for intervention.

All spare parts are always available in the computerized warehouse: from bolts to motors, which will be replaced by highly qualified personnel able to solve any problems of operation of the systems

In Italy and abroad the excellence of our customer care

Testing at Pajusco Technologies with subsequent installation in your company by our team of experts


Pajusco drums

The drums, automations and other equipment of Pajusco Tecnologie are tested in the company before being shipped already assembled or mounted in various countries around the world.

The installation will be supervised directly by the technicians of Pajusco Tecnologie, which will follow the subsequent testing, development, staff training and will also provide all the instructions for small maintenance: for cleaning and greasing the moving parts and for all those small precautions that will allow you to always have a perfectly efficient system and at maximum yield.


Pajusco drums

The installation is carried out exclusively by Pajusco technicians, who test the machinery again directly on site; the design of the plant layout, the design of the shed containing it, as well as the water, electrical and chrome recovery systems, are part of the service that the Pajusco team offers to the customer, who is simultaneously instructed about the cleaning and general maintenance of the plant, so as to ensure efficiency and longevity.

Design of the plant layout, design of the building, including the plants