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discover the advantages of Inoxmill

  • Automatic control of temperature, humidity, dust and chemical injections
  • Computerized control for all the working parameters of the drum
  • Customized program with work, recipe, alarm and maintenance reports
  • Dust filtration with automatic cleaning and double speed fan with double or triple resistance
  • Chemical injection with nozzle and/or spray gun with pneumatic pump


Manual door for loading/unloading

Loading/unloading of leather manually


Loading and unloading of the skins manually thanks to the sliding opening door with special hermetic closure that does not allow dust to escape. Simple mechanics but at the same time safe and functional for a lasting perennial.


Automatic tank

Water/products tank

Automatic water and chemical inlet for automatic control of the skin moisture and addition of liquid chemicals according to the final batch. System that adjusts according to your leather type the amount of inlet to have a more efficient result.

Water/chemicals tank

Sleeves with maximum filtering capacity

Increased filtration

More capacious filter sleeves

Increased filtration of the surface dust thanks to the new sleeves that guarantee maximum filtering efficiency.

Simplified control

Interactive control panel by touchscreen

Simplified drum control and interactive control panel for easy and efficient control of all leather processing parameters.

Control panel or interactive touchscreen

Manual frontal protection

Gate with simplified opening

Manual frontal protection

Manual opening/closing frontal protection gate, easy to use, allows the operator to work safely.

The performance of Inox mill

size of drum (mm)
diameter x large
loads Kgs
load Kgs
Ø3500×2000 900 1300
Ø3000×2000 700 900
Ø2600×1800 350 550
Ø2000×1000 100 170
Ø1800×950 85 150
Ø1500×500 50 70

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