The best type of African wood

The Paddle is equipped with a special water recycling and filtration system that increases the quality of the finished product and creates a considerable saving on water consumption.

Pajusco Tecnologie offers the same experience in the construction of large drums also for the production of paddles: the same care in the choice of material, the same accurate processing process, thus ensuring the same results in terms of machine reliability and finished product quality.

The performance of the paddles

3000 PTP 8000 PTP 12000 PTP 16000 PTP 20000 PTP
Capacity (lt) 3000 8000 12000 16000 20000
Height (mm) 2150 2800 3200 3500 3800
Breadth (mm) 2250 3100 12000 16000 20000
Length (mm) 3150 4100 4450 4800 5200

Some references around the world

Pajusco Tecnologie produces paddles for tanneries all over the world

Pajusco Tecnologie machines are equipped with equipment and control systems that make all production processes safe, economical and reliable.

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